2011 - The Gift

This picture was given to me rather suddenly in the week leading up to Valentine's Day.  As usual, Papa God challenged me with new avenues I have not entered before...pastels and scenery.

The harsh black lines of charcoal offered a stark expression of how life can sometimes feel.  I felt it was an interesting contrast to the glittering smooth colors of pastels depicting the garden of our heart.  The hands are open in gentle beckoning for the Lover of our souls to come walk in His garden.  It is a picture of worship.

There are times when worship costs us something.  It is easy to worship when we feel close to Him.  When we have the time.  When we are in the right mood.  When it fits into the craziness that often enshrouds our lives.  But what about the times when it is difficult?  What about the days...when it costs us something? 

When I was shown this picture, a heartfelt cry just rose up from my spirit. 

"I would not offer to Him a gift which costs me nothing."

On those days when worship does not just flow naturally, when I feel called but empty, when it is an effort to make the time to come into His presence because of other demands pressing in upon me, I think of this picture.  In those times, my invitation extended to Him to walk with me, talk to me, show me His heart, is all the more precious and valued by Him.  The gift of worship cost me something.  And it was offered with love.

I hope this picture inspires you to press through and worship like you never have before.  Not just in the times when it is easy, but also when it costs.  It is a gift much valued by your Father in heaven.