"Hi, I'm visiting you from Willebroek, 10 south of Brussels in Belgium. Your stories of destiny, resurrection and overcoming help me to understand what God is doing and to overcome! thank you so much. Your site is very beautiful :) Much Blessing!!"
- V.V. from Willebroek, Belgium

"Wow I just love your works, messages and testimony! I do some prophetic art as well, and I have never felt as alive as when we reach people through art! Lately I've been feeling stuck though, and found so many answers and lots of inspiration through your stories. :-)"
- R.J. from Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you for sharing your gift with us and as your lead by the Lord we all can grow closer to Him through your work Thank you,"

- S.R. from Kalispell, MT

"I love your website, Mandy! Thanks for having the courage and conviction to share from your depths! I just started a blog today and look forward to sharing what the Father gives me during my "Temporary Moments of Sanity". Thanks for the inspiration, and keep it coming!
With love and appreciation,"

- V.P. from Kalispell, MT

"The gift of Love you treasure in your heart is carefully poured out in His handiwork, your life as well as art. May your own declaration be yours. Eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to understand, and hands to communicate all that He has in store to show you. Continue going deep and high in Papa Gods' love, experiencing His joy and peace along your path. Thank you for your openness of sharing His love through your writing and art
- B.R. from Kalispell, MT

"Awesome work! esp. love 'Holding Back..." I was in that place too..shalom shalom."
- M. from Petoskey, MI

"Beautiful, Amanda."
- D.R. from Kalispell, MT

"Dear Mandy, I am just getting started as a Prophetic Artist. I find your website to be very close to what I would like to start up to portray God's handiwork and Word.  Please could you direct me to your website designer?

I am originally from Ohio but have been planted in Wales for the time being.

Your earthen vessels message spoke to me and set me free in many areas of darkness into the light of revelation by the power of your rhema words.

With heartfelt thanks,
Your Sister-At-Arms,
- M.D. from Wales, Great Britain

"I am so pleased to hear from you!  It is always such a blessing to come in contact with a fellow artist pursuing His heart.

I actually do my own website design work.  I have a fledgling company called His Hand Designs.  If you would like more information, you can Email Me and I will gladly share more.

I declare over you eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to understand, and hands to communicate all that He has in store to show you.  May many be blessed through the work of your hands!"


"I love your website.
- R.M. from Lakeside, MT

"What a fun website to browse! Thanks for sharing your gifts and heart with the rest of us!  I am truly awed!"
- J.S. from Kalispell, MT

"Truly a pleasure.  Thanks Mandy!"
- N.Q. from Priest River, ID

"Amazing website!!"
- P.W. from Kalispell, MT

"Awesome site, Amanda!  Love it!"
- J.B. from Whitefish, MT