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August 26, 2010, Home

God started to give me names of songs that I had not heard before to look up and play while I was drawing.  One of them was Jason Upton’s “Lion of Judah”.  The second verse was like being shouted into my spirit. 

August 31, 2010, Home

God told me to look up a song called “Freedom”.  Immediately I found Jason Upton’s song of that title.  He showed me that it is time for God’s people in Montana to be free from legalism and the things that hold us back from a move of His Spirit.  God is saying, “Freedom!”

Then in the midst of the song I started to see flashes of Native American people.  God told me that all that He spoke about the State of Montana being valued more for its past than its future also applied to the Native peoples.  And God has a message for them.  “Freedom!”  God is going to do something awesome on the reservations.  Watch for it!

January 14, 2011, Home

“You have been known and recognized for your past more than your present and future.  Like the buffalo, valued more dead than alive.  But I am a God of resurrection.  I am a God of the future.  I am a God of the NOW and I say that I am about to reverse this.  You will once again capture the attention of the nation but not for your past.  Not because of what is dead.  But they will look because of what lives!”


January 29, 2011, Home

I was drawing in the evening, my easel set up so I could see out my window overlooking the Flathead Valley.  A song came on that I did not even know was on my ipod.  It was Steve Swanson’s “Rivers in the Desert”.  I felt God’s presence descend like a thick blanket in the room and I just sat still, feeling His Spirit press the words of this song deep into my soul.  I could not find this one online and so I am just going to provide the lyrics.  If you can, purchase this song.  It is powerful. 

“There’s a new song rising up/ one like never heard before./Voices singing, crying out/ in worshiping the Lord./We will join the symphony/ its the anthem of the age./As every knee bows/ every tongue proclaims/ every heart is filled with praise./There’s a new sound rising up/ one like never heard before./Chains of bondage falling off/ and crashing to the floor./The sound of freedom fills the air/ and there’s dancing everywhere./No more darkness, no more suffering/ just the shouts of victory!

 Behold, He’s doing a new thing! /Rivers in the desert we will see./  Behold He’s doing a new thing! /He’s making a way, setting us free!  /Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  /Every mountain’s been cast in the sea.  /Behold He’s doing a new thing,/a new thing in me!/

There’s a new day dawning now/ where the old is passed away.  /There's a remnant rising up/ a generation for today.  /A mighty army marching on/ armed with His Spirit and His song/ singing come now holy one/ your bride has waited for You so long.

Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  /Rivers in the desert we will see.  /Behold He’s doing a new thing! /He’s making a way, setting us free!  /Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  /Every mountain’s been cast to the sea.  /Behold He’s doing a new thing,/a new thing in me!

After this, I looked out over the valley and in the Spirit saw a mass of swirling clouds, like thunderclouds, over the valley.  I found myself on my knees as an incredible sense of God hovering over the valley washed over me.  This is what I wrote in my journal.

“God is hovering over the valley.  The creative, powerful, unstoppable force of His nature is hovering over this place.  What happens when the Spirit of God hovers?  New things explode into being.  Order replaces chaos.  Light conquers darkness.  Life overpowers death.  Freedom reigns over captivity and renders it lifeless.
The Spirit of God is hovering.  Praise Him for what He has come to do.  Open your eyes and cry to see His hand move.  Look for the new, the unexplainable, the creative, unimaginable, the unmistakable hand of Almighty God.  He is hover over this place!”


March 17, 2011, Home

 During the process of working on this picture and sharing it with people, I was frequently asked if it had a personal message.  I always replied that it was for the State of Montana and the Native American people.  I truly did not believe it had a personal message. 

God changed my opinion on that one night while I was praying.  He drew my eye to the nearly-finished picture on my easel.  This is what I He spoke into my spirit.


"This picture is not just for the State of Montana, the Flathead Valley or Kalispell.  There is a personal message as well.  [The message is] It takes courage to live.  It takes courage to allow the dead places inside to live again.  Like the army in Ezekiel 37, there are dreams that have been brutally slain.  Hopes and promises have bleached in the sun.  It is easier to let them stay that way.  Dead things have no feeling.  They cannot be disappointed.  They have no uncertainties, no doubts, no questions.  They are predictable and safe.  But it takes courage to live."

I believe there is a call coming that is going to rattle the bones hidden away in the battlefields of our hearts.  God is asking, "Can these bones live?"

What is your answer?  Will you allow things to come to life again?  It takes courage to live.  To feel.  To hope.  To love.  It takes courage to dream and plan for a future.

Do not fight to remain dead.  For though life may come, it is fragile.  Those who do not long for life will snuff it out again, believing death to be safer.  It takes courage to live.  All places where death has crept in, make the decision to allow life; a life that thrives and experiences all that God intended it to experience.  An army ready at attention to receive orders from the One who gives them life.”

The following night while at a worship meeting, the Lord addressed this again.  During a quite time in worship I saw a picture of a gravestone and heard the Lord say, "Every human heart has a graveyard."

Then suddenly I was looking at a row of gravestones in a beautiful, peaceful church cemetery.  A chapel was off to one side.  The entire site was surrounded by tall trees that moved ever so slightly in a gentle wind.  The sun was shining.  Everything was well cared for and appearing well in order.  I knew I was looking at the graveyard of my heart.  Somehow in my mind I would have expected it to be a dark, depressive sort of place.  It did not seem so terrible to me.

I heard the Lord say, "You think because you have given them [hopes, dreams, prophetic words] a Christian burial that it is okay, even right and spiritual, that they have died and been buried.  But it is not okay.  I am not okay with graveyards."

I saw Jesus come into the clearing and begin to walk along the row of gravestones.  He read the description on each one as He passed.  At one, He paused and pointed.  "That one died prematurely," He said

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