"Montana...Can these Bones Live?" - page 3


They were not only dead, like the bones of the army in Ezekiel 37, but I had buried them.  I had pronounced them dead and covered them over with pain, disappointment, regret, fear, and the biggest shovelful of all…resignation.  There were hopes, dreams, parts of my destiny even, that I had buried and wanted to believe that they were meant to be that way because it was painful to hope.  It was actually easier to allow them to be dead and gone.  And then, with my words, I had declared myself resigned to the loss and even determined to keep them safely buried in the ground.

In essence, I had taken control over certain areas of my life and decided that I would not revisit them again.  I had buried them.

I felt like I heard the Lord say, "You say you want Me to bring forth your destiny.  You say you will follow Me wherever I call you to go.  What if the time for the fullness of one of these promises is now and you have buried it?  Will you let it live again?  Will you trust Me and let Me bring it to life again?"

Even as I accepted that I wanted resurrection, I saw Him hand me a shovel.  I knew I had to clear away the words spoken, stances taken, decisions made, and walls built that were holding down my destiny before resurrection could occur.  I had pronounced it dead.  Now I had to determine to live.  I had to have the courage to unearth a dream, a calling, a destiny and allow it to live again.

I will not say it is easy.  There is fear of experiencing pain or rejection again as you start unearthing what has been safely buried.  But the fact is, I do want all that God has for me in this hour, this moment of my life.  And if that means that I have to face things that frighten me, things I have hidden away so I do not have to look at them and deal with the emotions they bring, then I want to do it.  If He is not okay with graveyards, then I don't want to be either.

Yes, it takes courage to live.  But I can say, even after just a short time of agreeing with Life, that it is worth it all. 

Do not miss out on something God wants to bring forth in your life because you are trying to protect yourself.  Fear will never lead to freedom.  Only life will take you there.


June 15, 2011, Home


God spoke to my heart and told me that the picture was complete!  Lift up your heads, Montanans!  God is here and the greatest days of our state are at our fingertips.  He is moving, breathing life into us.  Fan the flames!  Look for it!  It is here, coming to life before your very eyes.