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Artist Notes:

This is the first picture I have posted of this piece of artwork. 

Esther is a character much talked of in Christian circles.  But what God began showing me about this woman goes beyond a lot of what I have heard in the past.

In a nut shell?

God has chosen each and every one of His children in spite of their backgrounds and because of them.  He has brought us into His palace, made us His bride, and now He is saying, "Who are your people?  Ask Me for your nations!  Ask Me for your people!  You have the authority because you are one of them!"

More to come on this...


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Montana...Can These Bones Live?

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Artist Update:

The finish line is right ahead!  After nearly a year, this picture is finally on its way to be completed.  Just a little more hair at the top and some black touch-ups from the many times this picture has traveled with me and then it is done!  Read the My Thoughts post titled Courage to Live to get just a taste of the meaning behind this mighty fellow.  More to follow soon.  Montana...can these bones live?

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The Gift

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