š What is prophetic art?

I was asked this question by my pastor when presenting my very first piece of prophetic artwork before the Sunday congregation.  Caught off guard, I felt my mind scramble for a way to put into words what this unique form of hearing God's voice is and why He chooses to use it.  Why not just a spoken word?  Why not a scripture verse?  Why does He choose to use a picture?

To me, the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" is never truer than in the case of prophetic art.  I believe God uses it as a way to penetrate our hearts beyond the walls of our religious paradigms.  Our attention is captured by an image and colors and the message is more easily received.

Below is a collection of prophetic pieces God has given me.  Be impacted by what He is saying through these pictures.


Prophetic Art Collection

  • 2011 - Montana...Can these Bones Live? At long last, the picture that I started around this time last year is finally finished.  I am so happy to be able to present to you a work  specifically ...
    Posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:24 PM by Amanda Wunderlich
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2011 - Montana...Can these Bones Live?

posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:23 PM by Amanda Wunderlich

At long last, the picture that I started around this time last year is finally finished.  I am so happy to be able to present to you a work  specifically for the State of Montana. 

Due to the extensive amount of time that the work on this picture covers, I am going to post here only the different journal entries I noted while working on the piece.  Read through them and be amazed and encouraged by what God has in mind for The Treasure State.


January 15, 2010

Encounter Young Adults Meeting

The River

We were singing the song “Dry Bones.”  I saw a picture like what is on a standard Montana license plate with the bison skull in the lower left corner.  I heard God say,

“You have taken the picture of a death and have made it a symbol for your state.  But I am not going to allow it to remain.  I am going to take what is dead, what died many years ago, and I am going to give it new life.  No longer will you be likened with the skull of the past.”

I saw water come rushing over the land and rocks on which the skull was sitting, a gentle but deep flow that picked up the skull and washed it away.


July 23, 2010

Encounter Young Adults Meeting

Woodland Park

During spontaneous worship that led to praying things over the State of Montana I heard God say the following statement:

“I have let them be hungry.”

I knew He was referring to the people of Montana.  Even as I wondered if I had heard correctly, He continued.

“In My mercy, I have let them be hungry.  For it is hard to tempt a satisfied person with even the finest foods.  It is difficult to entice people toward light when they have grey.  Light exposes.  Grey is comfortable.  In My mercy, I have let the ready availability be stifled.  I have let them hunger so they might run to Me for what I am longing to give them.

“It is time for a new revolution.”

Then He drew me to this scripture.  Here it is in the entirety and I will highlight certain portions afterward.

Psalm 110:1-7 AMP

1  The Lord (God) says to my Lord (the Messiah), Sit at My right hand, until I make Your adversaries Your footstool.
2  The Lord will send forth from Zion the scepter of Your strength; Rule, then, in the midst of Your foes.
3  Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew.
4  The Lord has sworn and will not revoke or change it;  You are a priest forever, after the manner and order of Melchizedek.
5  The Lord at Your right hand will shatter kings in the day of His indignation.
6  He will execute judgement [in overwhelming punishment] upon the nations;  He will fill the valleys with the dead bodies, He will crush the [chief] heas over lands many and far extended.
7  He will drink of the brook by the way; therefore will He lift up His head [triumphantly].

“Out of the womb of the morning...”

Before the morning there is a darkness.  There is night prior to morning.  The womb.  Something conceived in the darkness.  In the darkness God has planted a seed in the hungry ones.  

God says, “I hear the cry of life!”  

It is time for the morning.  It is time for a new thing to be born and brought forth.  It has been a dark night.  

God says, “I have let them be hungry.  They are ready and waiting for the morning.  They are weary of the darkness and will be eager for light.”


August, 2010


I was home alone and I went into our living room.  My latest prophetic picture “Holding Back Destiny” hangs in there.  I sat down in the only chair that faces that picture on the wall.  As I looked at it I suddenly saw another picture.  It was like my current vision was blanked out and I was looking at another picture that was just as clear and real.  

I saw a bison skull done in graphite pencil in high detail.  The left half of the skull was dry, cracked and obviously sun bleached.  But as the picture moved to the right side, it changed to colored pencil in reds, golds, yellow, and blue.  The skull transformed into a living bison.  It was like the living flesh was crawling over the bone from the right, gradually bringing the animal life.  Bits of pink flesh reached out across the bone at the center of the picture.  

The colors and style of the picture had a distinct Native American flavor to it.  Definitely not something I would just imagine in my own artistic mind, as I do not particularly have a fondness for such art.  

Under the picture I saw these printed words:

“Montana...can these bones live?”

At the time, I had completely forgotten the above words that God had spoken through the year.  I was simply stunned by the picture and knew it was the next one I was supposed to do.

I began working on the picture within the next week.  It was then that God brought me back to the words He had spoken earlier and I realized that He had been speaking of this picture to me for some time.  So cool!


August 24, 2010


Drawing Time

God drew me to this scripture while working on the bison.  Read through this with the image that God gave me in your mind.  See the State of Montana, Kalispell and the Flathead Valley.  Perceive and recognize what God is saying to us!

Ezekiel 37:1-14 AMP

1  The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones.
2  And He caused me to pass round about among them, and behold, there were very many [human bones] in the open valley or plain, and behold, they were very dry.
3  And He said to me, Son of man, can these bones live?  And I answered, O Lord God, You know!
4Again He said to me, Prophesy to these bones and say to them, O you dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.
5  Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath and spirit to enter you, and you shall live;
6  And I will lay sinews upon you and bring up flesh upon you and cover you with skin, and I will put breath and spirit in you. and you [dry bones] shall live; and you shall know, understand, and realize that I am the Lord [the Sovereign Ruler, Who calls forth loyalty and obedient service].
7  So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a [thundering] noise and behold, a shaking and trembling and a rattling, and the bones came together, bone to its bone.
8  And I looked and behold, there were sinews upon [the bones] and flesh came upon them and skin covered them over, but there was no breath or spirit in them.
9  Then said He to me, Prophesy to the breath and spirit, son of man, and say to the breath and spirit, Thus says the Lord God: Come from the four winds, O breath and spirit, and breathe upon these slain that they may live.
10  So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath and spirit came into [the bones], and they lived and stood up upon their feet, an exceedingly great host.
11  Then He said to me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel.  Behold, they say, Our bones are dried up and our hope is lost; we are completely cut off.
12  Therefore prophesy and say to them, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, O My people; and I will bring you [back home] to the land of Israel.
13  And you shall know that I am the Lord [your sovereign Ruler], when I have opened your graves and caused you to come up out of your graves, O My people.
14  And I shall put My Spirit in you and you shall live, and I shall place you in your own land.  Then you shall know, understand, and realize that I the Lord have spoken it and performed it, says the Lord.

God spoke to me while working on the picture on this day and showed me the following things.  

“…behold, they were very dry…”  What do church people typically say of Montana?  That the church here is so dry. 

“…there was a thundering noise and behold, a shaking and trembling and a rattling…”  There is a shaking as things come into order with what God has in mind to bring to pass.  Have you noticed the shaking happening lately in our State and the nation? 

“come and breathe upon these slain…”  They were slain.  The army described here did not die of natural causes.  They were violently slaughtered, their limbs torn from them and scattered round about the valley.  Life was taken from them.  Blood is crying out.  God is come to bring justice to the slain.

Kim Walker’s spontaneous song, “Let Your Glory Rain Down/ Cover us!  Cover us!” was prayed out over the valley, calling for God’s glory to come and revive the dry bones.


August 26, 2010


Drawing Time

God started to give me names of songs that I had not heard before to look up and play while I was drawing.  One of them was Jason Upton’s “Lion of Judah”.  The second verse was like being shouted into my spirit.

“No one knows the hour.
No one knows the day.
Jesus is coming soon.
All creation trembles, longing for the day.
Jesus is coming soon
There will be judgment.
There will be mercy
On that terrible day
Leaders will bow down.
Kingdoms will fall down.
Have you felt your world begin to shake?

Hear the sound of the Lion of Judah
See the fire and the fear in the enemy’s camp
From the sound of the lion of Judah roaring again
There’s a new generation arising
A nameless, faceless, placeless tribe
All they fear is the fear of the Lord
All they hear is the Lion of Judah

All I saw were bones breaking in the darkness (valley of dry bones…)
Then I walked into the light
There I saw an army coming from the river (interesting...that’s my church name)
With five stones and ready to fight

There will be judgment.
There will be mercy
On that terrible day
Leaders will bow down.
Kingdoms will fall down.
Have you felt your world begin to shake?

Hear the sound of the Lion of Judah
See the fire and the fear in the enemy’s camp
From the sound of the lion of Judah roaring again
There’s a new generation arising
A nameless, faceless, placeless tribe
All they fear is the fear of the Lord
All they hear is the Lion of Judah

August 31, 2010


Drawing Time

God told me to look up a song called “Freedom”.  Immediately I found Jason Upton’s song of that title.  He showed me that it is time for God’s people in Montana to be free from legalism and the things that hold us back from a move of His Spirit.  God is saying, “Freedom!”

Then in the midst of the song I started to see flashes of Native American people.  God told me that all that He spoke about the State of Montana being valued more for its past than its future also applied to the Native peoples.  And God has a message for them.  “Freedom!”  God is going to do something awesome on the reservations.  Watch for it!  The lyrics of the song:


Back in the bible there was that old Pharaoh
Who ruled over Egypt and Israel
God spoke to Moses through fired up bushes
Said kick off your shoes and stay awhile

All of humanity was made to worship me
Pharaoh get outta my way
God is saying!

Freedom to dance
Freedom to sing
Freedom to grow
I'm telling you Pharaoh let Gods people go!

Worship now
Worship now
Worship your God (x4)
(let 'em go)

Well, we live in a country supposedly Pharaoh-less
But all over town and in churches abide
Powerful weaklings who practice they're politics
Stealing from Jesus his beautiful bride
Whether you're Pharisees, Sadducees, heresies
You best get outta God's way!
(God is sayin')


Worship now
Worship now
Worship your God (x4)
(let 'em go)


January 14, 2011


Drawing Time

“You have been known and recognized for your past more than your present and future.  Like the buffalo, valued more dead than alive.  But I am a God of resurrection.  I am a God of the future.  I am a God of the NOW and I say that I am about to reverse this.  You will once again capture the attention of the nation but not for your past.  Not because of what is dead.  But they will look because of what lives!”


January 29, 2011


Drawing Time

I was drawing in the evening, my easel set up so I could see out my window overlooking the Flathead Valley.  A song came on that I did not even know was on my ipod.  It was Steve Swanson’s “Rivers in the Desert”.  I felt God’s presence descend like a thick blanket in the room and I just sat still, feeling His Spirit press the words of this song deep into my soul.  

“There’s a new song rising up

 one like never heard before.  

Voices singing, crying out

 in worshiping the Lord.  

We will join the symphony

 its the anthem of the age.  

As every knee bows

 every tongue proclaims

 every heart is filled with praise.  

There’s a new sound rising up

 one like never heard before.  

Chains of bondage falling off

 and crashing to the floor.  

The sound of freedom fills the air

 and there’s dancing everywhere.  

No more darkness, no more suffering

  just the shouts of victory!


Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  

Rivers in the desert we will see.

  Behold He’s doing a new thing!  

He’s making a way, setting us free!  

Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  

Every mountain’s been cast in the sea.  

Behold He’s doing a new thing,

a new thing in me!


There’s a new day dawning now

 where the old is passed away.  

There's a remnant rising up

 a generation for today.  

A mighty army marching on

 armed with His Spirit and His song

 singing come now holy one

 your bride has waited for You so long.


Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  

Rivers in the desert we will see.  

Behold He’s doing a new thing!  

He’s making a way, setting us free!  

Behold, He’s doing a new thing!  

Every mountain’s been cast to the sea.  

Behold He’s doing a new thing,

a new thing in me!

After this, I looked out over the valley and in the Spirit saw a mass of swirling clouds, like thunderclouds, over the valley.  I found myself on my knees as an incredible sense of God hovering over the valley washed over me.  This is what I wrote in my journal.

“God is hovering over the valley.  The creative, powerful, unstoppable force of His nature is hovering over this place.  What happens when the Spirit of God hovers?  New things explode into being.  Order replaces chaos.  Light conquers darkness.  Life overpowers death.  Freedom reigns over captivity and renders it lifeless.
The Spirit of God is hovering.  Praise Him for what He has come to do.  Open your eyes and cry to see His hand move.  Look for the new, the unexplainable, the creative, unimaginable, the unmistakable hand of Almighty God.  He is hover over this place!”


March 17, 2011


Prayer Time

 During the process of working on this picture and sharing it with people, I was frequently asked if it had a personal message.  I always replied that it was for the State of Montana and the Native American people.  I truly did not believe it had a personal message. 

God changed my opinion on that one night while I was praying.  He drew my eye to the nearly-finished picture on my easel.  This is what I He spoke into my spirit.


"This picture is not just for the State of Montana, the Flathead Valley or Kalispell.  There is a personal message as well.  [The message is] It takes courage to live.  It takes courage to allow the dead places inside to live again.  Like the army in Ezekiel 37, there are dreams that have been brutally slain.  Hopes and promises have bleached in the sun.  It is easier to let them stay that way.  Dead things have no feeling.  They cannot be disappointed.  They have no uncertainties, no doubts, no questions.  They are predictable and safe.  But it takes courage to live."

I believe there is a call coming that is going to rattle the bones hidden away in the battlefields of our hearts.  God is asking, "Can these bones live?"

What is your answer?  Will you allow things to come to life again?  It takes courage to live.  To feel.  To hope.  To love.  It takes courage to dream and plan for a future.

Do not fight to remain dead.  For though life may come, it is fragile.  Those who do not long for life will snuff it out again, believing death to be safer.  It takes courage to live.  All places where death has crept in, make the decision to allow life; a life that thrives and experiences all that God intended it to experience.  An army ready at attention to receive orders from the One who gives them life.”

The following night while at a worship meeting, the Lord addressed this again.  During a quite time in worship I saw a picture of a gravestone and heard the Lord say, "Every human heart has a graveyard."

Then suddenly I was looking at a row of gravestones in a beautiful, peaceful church cemetery.  A chapel was off to one side.  The entire site was surrounded by tall trees that moved ever so slightly in a gentle wind.  The sun was shining.  Everything was well cared for and appearing well in order.  I knew I was looking at the graveyard of my heart.  Somehow in my mind I would have expected it to be a dark, depressive sort of place.  It did not seem so terrible to me.

I heard the Lord say, "You think because you have given them [hopes, dreams, prophetic words] a Christian burial that it is okay, even right and spiritual, that they have died and been buried.  But it is not okay.  I am not okay with graveyards."

I saw Jesus come into the clearing and begin to walk along the row of gravestones.  He read the description on each one as He passed.  At one, He paused and pointed.  "That one died prematurely," He said.

They were not only dead, like the bones of the army in Ezekiel 37, but I had buried them.  I had pronounced them dead and covered them over with pain, disappointment, regret, fear, and the biggest shovelful of all…resignation.  There were hopes, dreams, parts of my destiny even, that I had buried and wanted to believe that they were meant to be that way because it was painful to hope.  It was actually easier to allow them to be dead and gone.  And then, with my words, I had declared myself resigned to the loss and even determined to keep them safely buried in the ground.

In essence, I had taken control over certain areas of my life and decided that I would not revisit them again.  I had buried them.

I felt like I heard the Lord say, "You say you want Me to bring forth your destiny.  You say you will follow Me wherever I call you to go.  What if the time for the fullness of one of these promises is now and you have buried it?  Will you let it live again?  Will you trust Me and let Me bring it to life again?"

Even as I accepted that I wanted resurrection, I saw Him hand me a shovel.  I knew I had to clear away the words spoken, stances taken, decisions made, and walls built that were holding down my destiny before resurrection could occur.  I had pronounced it dead.  Now I had to determine to live.  I had to have the courage to unearth a dream, a calling, a destiny and allow it to live again.

I will not say it is easy.  There is fear of experiencing pain or rejection again as you start unearthing what has been safely buried.  But the fact is, I do want all that God has for me in this hour, this moment of my life.  And if that means that I have to face things that frighten me, things I have hidden away so I do not have to look at them and deal with the emotions they bring, then I want to do it.  If He is not okay with graveyards, then I don't want to be either.

Yes, it takes courage to live.  But I can say, even after just a short time of agreeing with Life, that it is worth it all. 

Do not miss out on something God wants to bring forth in your life because you are trying to protect yourself.  Fear will never lead to freedom.  Only life will take you there.


June 15, 2011



God spoke to my heart and told me that the picture was complete!  Lift up your heads, Montanans!  God is here and the greatest days of our state are at our fingertips.  He is moving, breathing life into us.  Fan the flames!  Look for it!  It is here, coming to life before your very eyes.


2011 - The Tree

posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:22 PM by Amanda Wunderlich

I was at a friend's house and we were spending some time enjoying heaven with worship music, listening for what was on the Father's heart. 

I heard God start speaking to me about lightning rods.  I saw pictures in quick succession  of different ones, like on the top of the empire state building, and other prominent buildings. 

Then I saw a tree out in the middle of a barren plain.  Everything was as if it were in black and white.  There was nothing living.  All looked dismal and dark.  Rolling overhead was a severe thunderstorm.  As I watched, lightning struck the tree and it lit up with colors.  The colors and light traveled through the tree into its roots and then out into the ground.  I watched as green started appearing where the power from the lightning had dispersed into the ground. 

I heard God say, "I am setting you [the Church] up to be lightning rods.  It is what you were made to be.  To be the connecting link between heaven and earth.  I have called you to be raised up to high places specifically to conduct what is in heaven and disperse it into the earth."

I had the sense that just as lightning is dangerous to the earth if it just strikes anywhere and we use lightning rods to protect ourselves, so the church is called to be in this time.  We are to be placed in strategic places, on certain heights in specific places, to draw heaven down and channel it into the place we are set over.

 God wants to touch earth and all He is waiting for is  someone to reach up and invite Him down.

After this picture was finished, I photographed it and just kept hearing the word, "Invert".  So I did.  Here is this picture inverted.  Interesting that the light and fire colors of the tree turn a stunning blue, the color of healing.

2010 - Holding Back Destiny

posted Aug 4, 2010, 1:52 PM by Amanda Wunderlich   [ updated Feb 22, 2013, 1:05 PM by Amanda Wunderlich ]

2010 - Holding Back Destiny

This piece was very deeply personal for me to work on and took several months to complete. Not because of the art itself but because of the process God was taking me through during its creation.

It was in February, 2010 that God showed me this picture. I was experiencing a very frustrating time in my life. Nothing seemed to be changing. I felt like each day was utterly predictable and completely stagnant. There seemed to be no change in any area while others around me seemed to be moving on in their lives. Careers and relationships were opening for them. Why not me? Every time I tried to step out and do something, make something change, it seemed I had merely gone through a revolving door and found myself back where I started.

I can remember lying on my bed in the dark with tears running down my face and asking God, "Why isn't my life unfolding? Why is it taking so long for anything to change? Why are you not moving me forward? Why does it seem like every time I try to step out I end up right back in the same place? Why do I feel so trapped?"

And then suddenly I saw this picture. It was so clear it was like watching it on the back of my eyelids. I saw myself standing in a very green narrow valley with mountains that rose up sharply on both sides. The grass was lush and it was beautiful. There was like a distant fog that obscured my view down the valley in front of me.

"You are so concerned about not being able to see way out there that you cannot even enjoy the beautiful place I have you," I heard God say.

Then the picture changed and I saw myself from the front as in the picture above, holding a beautiful multi-colored bird against my chest by its wings. I knew the bird's name was Destiny. It was not struggling to be free but there was this look of longing in its posture as it looked up at the sky and leaned forward, wanting to fly but being held back.

I heard God say, "You are asking Me why it is taking so long for your life to unfold and yet you are the one holding it back. It [destiny] was made to fly. You are so afraid that if you let it go, it will fly away and never come back. But it will return to you. Let it go."

God then brought me immediately to a question John Arends had asked us maybe a few weeks before at Encounter: "What things are keeping you from being closer to Jesus?"

When John had asked that question, I knew immediately that Youtube was one of them for me. Let me explain. Youtube was where I went when I felt overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, or just needed to relax. I spent hours watching movies, usually black and whites or period films, sometimes into the early hours of the morning. It was my escape. My way of dealing with no change. I could experience adventure, happiness, love, and friendship for a few hours and forget my life. It was a way I could experience the things I longed for so much, things that I was afraid I might never experience in real life. A kind of “at least I have this…” mental attitude.

He showed me that fear was holding my destiny back. It was out of fear that my life would never change that I kept returning to things to escape. I was afraid to let God truly heal loneliness and rejection in my life because I felt that if I did not feel anything in those areas then they REALLY would never happen. My pain was my meter that told God how much I wanted those things. Basically, I was wounded deep inside and did not really want to be healed. And that was holding my future back from me.

I woke up that next morning with clear instruction from God. I was to paint the picture of me holding back destiny and put it up next to my computer as a constant reminder of what I am doing every time I act in fear. Every time I go to another source instead of Him, I am holding back destiny.

I wish I could say I got it right away but I didn’t. The picture was difficult to work on because I could see myself so clearly and wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Many times while painting on it I would pray, “God, I do not know how to let go. Show me how to let go of the fears. Show me how to trust You. I don’t know how.”

Then one day, I turned on worship music and started to paint. I have a playlist of songs on my computer that I just add to randomly. Some of the songs I’ve only listened to the first line and added it without truly listening to the whole thing. Arms Wide Open by Misty Edwards was one such song. I was painting down on my knees in the middle of the floor of my room when suddenly her song came up in the playlist. It was like listening to my own heart cry.

“What does love look like?” is the question I’ve been pondering
“What does love look like?”
“What does love look like?” is the question I’ve been asking of You
I once believed that love was romance, just a chance
I even thought that love was for the lucky and the beautiful
I once believed that love was a momentary bliss
But love is more than this
All You ever wanted was my attention
All You ever wanted was love from me
All You ever wanted was my affections, to sit here at Your feet
Then I sat down, a little frustrated and confused
If all of life comes down to love
Then love has to be more than sentiment
More than selfishness and selfish gain
And then I saw Him there, hanging on a tree, looking at me
I saw Him there, hanging on a tree, looking at me
He was looking at me, looking at Him, staring through me
I could not escape those beautiful eyes
And I began to weep and weep
He had arms wide open, a heart exposed
Arms wide open; He was bleeding, bleeding
Love’s definition, love’s definition was looking at me
Looking at Him, hanging on a tree
I began to weep and weep and weep and weep
This is how I know what love is, this is how I know what love is
And as I sat there weeping, crying
Those beautiful eyes, full of desire and love
He said to me, “You shall love Me, You shall love Me
You shall love Me, You shall love Me”
With arms wide open, a heart exposed
With arms wide open, bleeding, sometimes bleeding
If anybody’s looking for love in all the wrong places
If you’ve been searching for love, come to Me, come to Me
Take up your cross, deny yourself
Forget your father’s house and run, run with Me
You were made for abandonment, wholeheartedness
You were made for someone greater, someone bigger, so follow Me
And You’ll come alive when you learn to die

There was my answer. You shall love me with arms wide open and heart exposed.

I sat on the floor and just wept. That song was the turning point for me. The Father’s love is so awesome! The answer is so simple. His perfect love casts out all fear and turns it out of doors. I am to love Him with my arms wide open and heart exposed. Nothing between us. Nothing keeping me from Him.

My whole reason for sharing this (and it has not been easy for me) is to encourage you to examine your own life.

Let me ask you the question: “What things are keeping you from getting closer to Jesus?” You know what they are. They are usually the first things that flash through your mind.

God is not asking you to give them up because He is looking to take away things you enjoy. He sees that they are holding your life back. They are keeping you from walking in all He has created you to be. It is like wanting to carry a chain with you into freedom. It cannot be done. Instead of going forward, you will stay behind, bound to something you do not want to be free from. Let Him free you from those things! Love Him with your arms wide open. Hold nothing back. Give it all and let Destiny soar in your life. And in that, you will truly find everything.

Loving Him,
Amanda J. Wunderlich

2009 - Pro Vision

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2009 - Pro Vision

“For it is a day of discomfiture and of tumult, of treading down, of confusion and perplexity from the Lord God of hosts in the Valley of Vision, a day of breaking down the walls and of crying to the mountains.”  Isaiah 22:5 Amp

Provision is being poured out into the Flathead Valley but God is sending it in the form of Pro Vision. The ability to see into the spirit for plans and strategies.  This vision is being poured out specifically for the taking back of the seven mountains of our valley.

The following are some words that God spoke to me late in 2009 regarding the coming year of 2010. I recently was led to go back through my notebook and I was startled at what I had written compared to what has happened so far this year.


"Stand on the Rock and ask for My wind. Ask for the rain. Ask for My waters to rise. Satan's walls are built on the sand of lies and deceit and they will fall with a great crash because rain brings erosion."
- Word from late 2009

"Why do you call Me, Lord, Lord, and do not practice what I tell you? For everyone who comes to Me and listens to My words and does them, I will show you what he is like: He is like a man building a house, who dug and went down deep and laid a foundation upon the rock; and when a flood arose, the torrent broke against that house and could not shake or move it, because it had been securely build or founded on a rock. But he who merely hears and does not practice doing My words is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation, against which the torrent burst, and immediately it collapsed and fell, and the breaking and ruin of that house was great." - Luke 6:46-49 Amp

"You did not realize this is what it would look like, did you? When I come, I am a force to be reckoned with. What is not built on Me moves out of My way. This is not the world only that I speak of but I speak of my people. They have built things by the world's plan and by their standards. But when I come in My glory all that is not built on Me and by Me falls. This is what happens when I come. I am a force to be reckoned with."

When God's glory draws near it shakes the world. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. What cannot be shaken? Those things that are built on the Rock. - Word from late in 2009

I also want to post here an article from James W. Goll that I feel really fits in with all of this.


Needed: Divine Wisdom for the Time of Great Storms

By James W. Goll

2010: The Beginning of the Perfect Storm

At the beginning of 2010, my first of the year messages was on “Responding to Storms.”  I have addressed this theme in my weekly email communications earlier in the year, but I felt led to bring this to your attention once again.  When I gave this message, I knew I was speaking to my very city, prophetically, as well as wisdom needed for our nation and the nations.  I shared on this theme everywhere I went for the entire month of January.

Several established prophets are declaring that the “Perfect Storm” is coming or even upon us.  Locally, the historic 1,000 year flood hit Nashville in May.  We have watched Greece economic meltdown; we are still in the midst of the Gulf Oil Spill catastrophe; the Iraq and Afghanistan wars still go on witho no real resolution in sight; and turmoil is mounting in many nations.

In 1987, the Lord showed me part of what would take place in the year 2010, and I remember it all so well.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the night seasons that the world would begin to unravel in 2010, and it would be a hinge in world history where things would never return to what we have considered normal.  In 1987, the Holy Spirit showed me that 2010 would be the beginning of the TIME OF GREAT STORMS!  It is upon us!

A Worldwide Shaking and Awakening

I believe it is the best of times and for those without faith—it is the worst of times.  The glory and the shaking come together.  It is true on both sides of the coin.  We are crossing the threshold into the Third Great Awakening and yet we are crossing the threshold into a great Worldwide Shaking.

This last weekend, when I ministered in the Baltimore, MB area, they had one of the largest recorded earthquakes in over 35 years in the area, registering at a 3.6 magnitude.  The foundations of the earth are groaning in this hour!  But God’s people must arise and His Spirit must be poured out!  It is time for the Body of Christ to move past our petty spirit of political correctness (incorrectness actually) and cleanse ourselves from this influence.  We must be salt and light.

We know that storms are coming, but what we need are the wisdom solutions on how to respond to these perilous storms.

“Tell My People to Seek Me for Divine Wisdom”

Recently, I shared with you that the Holy Spirit gave me a dream where I heard the following, “The world is coming to the end of her wisdom.  You are crossing a threshold where the world will not have the answers to life’s delemmas.  Tell My people to seek Me for divine wisdom.  Seek Me for wisdom that goes beyond natural reasoning—for the wisdom which comes down from above.”

Yes, I have searched the Scriptures, I have written on these themes in my books and email communications over the years, but I am being stirred once again as a watchman on the walls!  It is time to wake up and take our place as guardian intercessors!  Blow a trumpet in Zion!  Sound an alarm on His Holy Mountain!

I have found that throughout Scripture the primary response needed is not one of self-justification—but it is the CRY FOR MERCY!

Crisis Intervention

The following is taken from a section of my outline on Crisis Intervention in my study guide Revival Breakthrough:

Times of shaking are coming.  His plumb line is being dropped, the cannon/plumb line of His Word, and of His character being dropped in the midst of the Church, the nation and the nations, resulting in chiropractic adjustments to achieve His purposes.  As this occurs we are seeing storms coming.

1.      Storms of God’s Judgment—Our Response: A cry for mercy requiring brokenness and tenaciousness

2.      Storms of Dark Demonic Attack—Our Response: An authoritative place of intercession, requiring faith, endurance, boldness, believing in the promises and no common ground with the enemy.

3.      Storms of Consequences of Sins—Our Response: Repentance requiring humility, lack of defensiveness

Each storm requires a different Biblical response, but in one way each storm requires the same response—Desperation and Intercession.  Ultimately every storm can redemptively be used for God’s purposes and to forge character in us.  James 2:13 states: “Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

Let us pray into the storms of life and lift up a CRY FOR WISDOME AND MERCY IN THE MIDST OF EVERY STORM.  I tell you, we have crossed the threshold into the DAYS OF GREAT STORMS and the DAYS OF GREAT VISITATION!

Let us be salt and light!  Call on His name!  Let us be ambassadors of hope for such a time as this!

With an urgency!

James W. Goll


Look close...do you see something in the pupil?  On the original I can see a very clear face in the dark black and brown of the pupil.

2009 - Fire and Praise

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2009 - Fire and Praise

“Have you ever considered painting prophetically?”

“Have you ever heard of Akiane?”

Since coming to The River in April, 2008, I do not know how many people have asked me these questions. They usually surfaced after admitting to people that I am a graphite pencil artist but a few times people asked me the questions even before hearing that I was even artistic.

“I do not paint,” I would always answer. “I draw with pencil. Black and whites. Yes, I’ve read Akiane’s story. No, I never have drawn prophetically. I have to be looking at a photograph. I can’t draw just from something I see in my mind.”

Over the next year, painting prophetically started appearing in words people had for me when they prayed over me. They would see me painting pictures and tell me that God was going to use them to minister to people. I also had several people tell me that God wanted to reveal things to me and that art was going to be a part of it.

I was interested in the idea but frankly I did not have a clue where to start. When speaking with someone at a conference who did prophetic art, I was told to simply lay the stuff in front of myself and try. Still, it was a mental block especially since I did not work with paints at all…or color, for that matter.

The hints kept coming that God had something more for me concerning art. People constantly referred to my graphite pencil work as “painting”, especially one time when I asked for prayer concerning a project I was going to be working on. People prayed over me, “God, I pray that this painting would speak to people…. Give her the ability to paint…”

I quit saying anything out loud but I did mentally correct people.

I do not paint, I would think. I draw.

The Beginning

In August, 2009 I met an artist at the Bigfork art festival and ended up showing him some pictures of my graphite pencil art. He looked at them and said, “This is not sketching or drawing. These are paintings. You are painting with pencils.”

His words hit me hard and I realized, no surprise, that God knew what He was saying. In the art world, what I do is painting. For the first time, my mind cracked open slightly to all the words spoken over me.

Soon afterward, while heading up to my room for my morning prayer time, I saw an 18x24 pad of art paper on top of a cabinet. I suddenly decided to take it upstairs with me along with a box of colored pencils.

People keep telling me to try, I thought. Can’t hurt to just have it upstairs with me and just see if God shows me anything.

I have to confess, I really did not expect to get anything, much less be able to transfer what I saw in my mind onto paper, a block I have warred with all my life. I flopped the paper down in the middle of my bedroom floor and turned on my worship music. Several minutes later, lost in God, all of a sudden a very clear picture dropped into my spirit. I saw the pad of paper and on it two earthen pots. That was all. At the same time, God gave me a verse of scripture.

II Corinthians 4:7 AMP

However, we possess this precious treasure [the divine Light of the Gospel] in [frail, human] vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves.

I looked at the pad of paper and thought, It’s not much but it is what He showed me, so….

I got down on my knees and started to draw. A few hours later, I sat back on my heels and stared. There in front of me was an exact replica of what I had seen in beautiful earthen tones and blues. Having never been able to do such a thing before, I was shaken deep inside and could not deny that God was speaking to me.

I showed the picture to my family. Their reactions were much like my own had been. They stared and stared at it. They said things like, “There is so much light”, “It snags your attention but I am not sure why” and “There is a deeper meaning to this.” My mom even said, “It does not even look like something you would draw. If someone had asked me if my daughter had drawn that, I would have said no.”

I felt that the picture did not look complete with all the empty white paper around the two pots but did not feel God had shown me any more. I mentally began making plans for how I would fill the empty space.

I’ll put a branch coming up the left side and maybe some flowers. Olive branches maybe or grape vines. That’s Biblical and goes with pots…

I mentioned my thoughts to my brother, Collin and received what I believe to be some very important advice.

“Are the pots all God showed you? Then, if I were you, I would put it away and not do anything. Pray about it tomorrow. Maybe it is a progressive picture and God will give you more.”

It was a hard thing for me to do since I am a person that always wants to complete what I start in the shortest amount of time but I decided to do as he suggested and put the picture away.

Fire and Praise

The following day, I pulled out the picture before prayer and looked at it.

Actually, I don’t think I even want to add anything to it, I remember thinking. I’ve never drawn anything like it and I might ruin it if I try to add more.

I went into prayer with this in my mind but God had different plans. Maybe twenty minutes later He dropped the rest of the picture as you see it in the finished product into my spirit with a very clear instruction.

Read the story of Gideon.

Besides being completely blown away by the picture He showed me and thinking of how impossible it was going to be to draw, I got out my Bible and found Gideon’s story. Things started jumping off the page at me as the Holy Spirit began revealing to me what He was going to speak through the picture. I’ll do my best to convey that message here.

Judges 6:12-14 AMP

And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, The Lord is with you, you mighty man of [fearless] courage.

And Gideon said to him, O sir, if the Lord is with us, why is all this befallen us? And where are all His wondrous works of which our fathers told us, saying, Did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt? But now the Lord has forsaken us and given us into the hand of Midian.

The Lord turned to him and said, Go in this your might, and you shall save Israel from the hand of Midian. Have I not sent you?

Go in this your might.

These words just hollered at me. I found myself thinking, What was mighty in what Gideon said? Hadn’t he just told God that it wasn’t true that He was with them because all this bad stuff was happening?

Even as I was thinking this, I heard the words that Elisha spoke in II Kings 2:13-14 when he struck the Jordan with the mantle of Elijah.

II Kings 2:13-14 AMP

He [Elisha] took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and went back and stood by the bank of the Jordan.

And he took the mantle that fell from Elijah and struck the waters and said, Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah? And when he had struck the waters, they parted this way and that, and Elisha went over. (Emphasis added)

I suddenly realized that Elisha wasn’t asking literally where God was. He understood, as did Gideon, that if God was with him the miraculous was going to happen. Gideon’s might rested in his understanding that if God was with him wondrous works were going to be present. God could not be present without something supernatural happening.

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