2011 - Oh to Fly

Sometimes when God is preparing me to receive a new picture, I start seeing different forms of it in every day life. When I see them I feel a gentle nudge in my spirit that says, "Pay attention. Remember this.  This means something. You are going to need it later for what I am going to show you."

That is exactly how this picture came about.

As the summer of 2011 started drawing to a close, I began running into hot air balloons everywhere I went. They seemed to follow me. I saw them in paintings, on advertizement flyers, and all over home decor. I have always loved hot air balloons but during this period of time it became completely uncanny how many times I crossed paths with them. I saw them flying over our church on my way in on Sunday mornings. My home overlooks the Flathead valley and I would see them in the early morning, their cheery colors so beautiful against the blue summer sky.

Seeing so many hot air balloons inspired me to try drawing one. I started this picture, not even aware that God was setting me up for a revelation and a life changing decision. I sensed His presence while working on it but I did not get any clear reference if this was indeed a picture He was going to speak through.

When people asked me if my newest picture was a prophetic image, I wasn't sure how to answer. I felt like God had put the subject in front of me but it had not come with any sort of clear message so far.

About this same time, I started pondering whether I should enroll in a ministry training school based out of my home church called Fire School. The enrollment date was fast approaching and I did not yet have a clear direction if this was where I was supposed to be at this time in my life.

Then one Sunday driving to church, my picture in the back seat of my car to work on during worship, I again drove under two balloons flying high over Kalispell. I heard the Lord start speaking to my spirit.

He showed me that the Christian life is meant to be like a hot air balloon. We are meant to burn with His fire at our core. The hotter we burn the higher we fly. And we are to be propelled by His wind, the wind of the Spirit. An interesting factor? You cannot move through the air without both of these things happening at once.

There are a lot of us that are grounded, traveling over valleys and mountains the hard way: on foot.  We were meant to be ignited in our spirit, to burn with the consuming fire of Him.  Then, as we burn, we are lifted up above the terrain to a higher place where His Holy Spirit can simply blow and we move in the direction of His calling.  Completely consumed by God, and completely moveable by the slightest nudge.

That Sunday during worship, I finished the picture.  And then God showed me another picture, this one directly related to whether or not I was on my way into ministry school.  I saw a hot air balloon resting on the ground.  It was all laid out, ready to be filled.  He told me my life was prepared and ready.  All I needed was the fire.  I needed to go to Fire School.

And, ironically, that Sunday was the first day of class.  I was admitted and participated in my first day.  His timing is perfect.  When I needed His answer regarding the school, He brought the full revelation that He had been preparing weeks in advance.  Isn't God great?

So, may you burn with His fire and move with HIs wind.

Amanda J. Wunderlich

P.S.  If you would like to know more about Fire School check out their website by clicking on the link in the sidebar.  This school is highly recommended by some of the most incredible men and women of God in our nation and around the world today.  Check it out and be prepared for God to arrest your spirit with the desire to burn hotter in His presence.