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2011 - The Tree

posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:22 PM by Amanda Wunderlich
I was at a friend's house and we were spending some time enjoying heaven with worship music, listening for what was on the Father's heart. 

I heard God start speaking to me about lightning rods.  I saw pictures in quick succession  of different ones, like on the top of the empire state building, and other prominent buildings. 

Then I saw a tree out in the middle of a barren plain.  Everything was as if it were in black and white.  There was nothing living.  All looked dismal and dark.  Rolling overhead was a severe thunderstorm.  As I watched, lightning struck the tree and it lit up with colors.  The colors and light traveled through the tree into its roots and then out into the ground.  I watched as green started appearing where the power from the lightning had dispersed into the ground. 

I heard God say, "I am setting you [the Church] up to be lightning rods.  It is what you were made to be.  To be the connecting link between heaven and earth.  I have called you to be raised up to high places specifically to conduct what is in heaven and disperse it into the earth."

I had the sense that just as lightning is dangerous to the earth if it just strikes anywhere and we use lightning rods to protect ourselves, so the church is called to be in this time.  We are to be placed in strategic places, on certain heights in specific places, to draw heaven down and channel it into the place we are set over.

 God wants to touch earth and all He is waiting for is  someone to reach up and invite Him down.

After this picture was finished, I photographed it and just kept hearing the word, "Invert".  So I did.  Here is this picture inverted.  Interesting that the light and fire colors of the tree turn a stunning blue, the color of healing.