2011 - Poured Out

This picture came about in a time of prayer and worship at a friend's house. It is the smallest prophetic piece I have done to date, not even as large as a standard piece of paper.  The shine and sparkle visible comes from the tones of iridescent pastels. 

At one point during worship, I asked the Lord for revelation about love.  Did I love Him completely from the core of my heart?  Why did I sometimes struggle to love and understand people?  The love I felt coming from Him was so sweet in that moment, my heart's cry was to reciprocate it back to Him.  Why did I feel like something held me back from loving with abandon, completely and with my whole heart?  Immediately I saw a picture. 

I was looking down a narrow, steep stairwell into what appeared to be an Egyptian tomb.  The shaft went straight down.  It was dark and I could see it was made out of stone worked by man.  I progressed down the shaft-like stairs.  When I reached the bottom, maybe three stories down, there was a room of solid gold; the ceiling, walls, floor, everything.  Light was glistening everywhere.  It was blinding, stunning beyond words.  I looked to see where it was coming from.  In the middle of the room was a jar that stood four feet tall and was about 2 feet in diameter at its widest point.  I saw it was filled to the very brim with pure white, glistening oil.  it was SO incredibly pure.  Then as I watched, this enormous vessel started tipping over on its own.  It fell in slow motion and landed gently on its side, spilling its contents all across the golden floor.  The white oil looked like light itself as it pooled on the floor.

Something gave way in my heart.  I began to weep under the sweet, heavy presence of the Holy Spirit as He explained what He was showing me.

The pristine gold room was my heart.  Safely stored there, at the core of my being. was my true, pure, untainted love; that incredibly valuable gift God gave to man.  A piece of Himself because He is Love.  God showed me how the hurts I had experienced when people abused or misused my love had caused me to slowly, stone by stone, encase this most valuable treasure deep in the ground.  I intended to protect myself, the core of my love, from experiencing pain and hurt again.  But there is a problem about a tomb.  People, or even God, cannot enter it easily.  It is safe...but it is unsharable.

Suddenly, like a wave, I felt in my own heart the incredible, aching desire of the Father to be loved with that pure love.  He whispered to me, "The part of you I desire the most, you have the ability to withhold from Me.  I gave it to you but I cannot require it back from you.  That is the beauty of love.  It loses its purity if it can be expected or demanded.  It is truly the purest of gifts.  You have the ability to hide it, withhold it, bury it deep inside and out of sight.  But how I long to be loved with that love!"

Overwhelmed, a cry came from deep within my spirit.  "God, I want to bring it out!  I want to spill my love on You!  I want to pour my most valuable treasure out at Your feet like Mary did with her alabaster box of perfume.  I want to lavish my love on You!  I do not want to be held back by fear of hurts or rejection!  For You will never abuse my love.  You will never reject me or my gift of love.  I want to be free to pour that pristine white oil of love on You and have You smell like my love wherever You go!"

Then suddenly I was looking at the outside of the tomb built over the vault of my heart.  It was constructed in the shape of a pyramid.  I saw myself standing at the top.  I removed the stones off the top and threw them off the pile.  Slowly I was beginning to uncover the inner chambers of my heart.  I wept as I watched the small bit of progress.  A feeling of freedom swept threw me and I knew I was beginning the process of learning to love, not superficially but purer than I ever had in my life.

A few days later, during a night worship session at my church, God took me back to the top of that tomb.  I saw the bricks lying around the base.  There were more that had been removed off the pyramid.  I rejoiced that I had made progress.  I heard His gentle voice tell me to take the bricks I had removed from the tomb and build a house instead as a habitation for my love.  Because love is a valuable treasure, it is necessary to have some protection.  It cannot just be left in the open.  But neither is it to be sealed down in a tomb where it cannot be accessed.  It is to be kept in a house which requires invitation to enter but is still fully accessible to both God and man. 

At first, the Father asked me to keep this revelation to myself and not share it immediately.  When He did release me to share it maybe a week later, I was amazed by the stories of how this little picture, rather simple in color and style, touched people deep in the core of their hearts.  Isn't that just like God?  Only He can take such a picture, this little glimpse into the unseen, and fill it to overflowing with an incredible revelation and freedom everyone can experience.